March 2021 Update

Most Snow in 9 years…of course there is.

As far as snowfall and the general serenity for mountain squirrels is concerned, 2021 has been an off-the-charts success story. As far as whisking people from around the world into the back-country, and showing them the goods … not such a success story.

Bell 2 Lodge is all but buried in snow and our office is all but buried in 2022 bookings.

As time ticks on we continue to prepare for the next 16 months of action which will begin as soon as the snow starts to melt.

I feel it’s right to give kudos to those other heli and cat ski operations who have for various reasons been able to find a way through the labyrinth of red tape/controversy and operate this winter. They are few and far between but congratulations – Good on ya.

Once again this month I feel boring, so on that subject, I share with you the musings of a banker-friend here in Canada. For all of those parents out there, this should strike a chord. Enjoy…


On the family front, the B word has long been outlawed. Not that one the other one. There are no excuses for boredom. It is an automatic chore if the word creeps out of anyone’s mouth. Stuck in a doctor’s office for 90 minutes – Acceptable. Renewing your driver’s license at a provincial service center – I get it. “Stuck” at home with literally endless things to do – Unacceptable.

The rule has been paying off. My sons’ soccer pass has improved dramatically. He has beaten me enough times now at the board game of Risk that I’ve now ordered a much more complicated board game. I should be able to hold out for a few months of ego boosting victories. He is ten and yes we do argue during the games. We are a very normal family that way.

My Daughter has been using her allowance every week to buy books. My kids get $7 a week allowance if they complete their responsibilities and they remember to collect. No auto deposit in our house. When they do collect they must pay mom and dad aka “the government” $2. That is a 29% tax rate. We have been collecting this allowance tax for quite some time. We keep a glass jar labeled “Tax” in a prominent place in the house. My kids often ask what we are going to use the money for? “Whatever Mom and Dad choose.”, comes our answer, “and it will probably not be to your benefit either.”

We don’t plan on spending more than we have though. We need to demonstrate a responsible government….
Last week I “caught” my wife with her hand in the tax jar. Seriously? As a responsible sitting member of the house committee, I asked her what she was doing. Apparently she bought some eggs from a neighbor and it was “convenient” to take money from the tax jar. I suggested an e-transfer and to leave our treasury intact. It felt good holding the ruling party to account and the money was replaced. I’m expecting a call from the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) imminently to ask why I am politicising and interfering with a mother just trying to provide for her family….


We’ll be back in touch in a month or so.

Mike & Team