News from the North – June 2020

June 12, 2020 Mike Watling

From the North…

We are busy. Busier than ever before. The team at Bell 2 Lodge have been able to shift gears and cater to a new type of guest. The area around us has long been known to be rich in minerals and mining exploration in the area is taking off again. Bell 2 Lodge is strategically located to offer a forward operations base for these activities. Heli’s are parked out front, rooms are rented and a new take-out meal program for guests means we have a thriving community here. I’m both happy and slightly surprised to report that Bell 2 Lodge is currently at 100% occupancy. As we have all learnt, anything can happen….

Our hot tub rebuild at Bell 2 Lodge is now well underway. Foundation is complete for the much bigger tub and the structure is now totally refurbished. Expecting work to be finished in another week or so. We are also half-way through a full renovation of our staff rooms. Finishing touches were added on the outside of the new boot room as well.

The recent long stretch of good weather created the ideal opportunity to fly around our terrain and update our run photos. These images are used by the guides to plan the day and assess avalanche risk and crevasse exposure. Normally when travelling around the mountains in winter, it’s at low level, in short hops and with skiing as the only focus. It was truly a treat to survey the area as a whole and for an extended period of time. It’s just massive.

Normally at this time of year, I’m already out on the road traveling all over the place promoting the business but we’ve taken the necessity to be parked in one place as a blessing in disguise.

There are so many outdoor options here in the north that have remained easily accessible. British Columbia is now gradually opening up and we’ll keep a keen eye on when noises start about international travel. In the meantime, plenty to do.

Next update in a month or so….

Mike & team.