Why Private Heliskiing is the Ultimate Ski Holiday

January 15, 2020 Liam Harrap

While heliskiing is a dream vacation in itself, a private heliskiing holiday is a dream within a dream. It’s the ultimate experience and beyond extraordinary. Few people get to go heliskiing and even fewer get to do it privately. Here’s what sets it apart:


Heliskiing is already extraordinary. Compared to skiing at many resorts, there are no lift lines, no groomers and no ruts. There’s just valley after valley of untracked snow. Yet, have you ever dreamed of having an entire mountain to yourself? Skiing lap after lap with three of your closest friends?  Going at your own pace and not relying on strangers? Then you might want to give private heliskiing for the ultimate ski holiday a try.

Private groups get all the extras, such as a personal airport greeting and limo ride in Vancouver to your hotel before the flight north to Terrace or Smithers, B.C. From there, private packages also include a private shuttle to Bell 2 Lodge or Ripley Creek.

One unique option at Last Frontier Heliskiing is the possibility for two private groups in two helicopters. This allows you to double-up your squad. Perhaps take the extended family skiing or the entire office – it’s one way to win the Best Boss of the Year Award.

Unlimited skiing

Compared with our regular heliskiing packages, which include 30,500 vertical meters of guaranteed skiing on a seven-day package, private tours have unlimited vertical. You can ski or snowboard as much as you want, as fast as you want, or as slow as you want. It’s up to you.

The package includes your own A-Star helicopter and two ACMG guides. Last Frontier Heliskiing has the largest single heliskiing area in the world at 10,100 square km, which is roughly a quarter the size of Switzerland. Although standard heliskiing packages have small groups of four skiers, there can be three groups per helicopter. Since the helicopter has multiple groups, it can limit options. Meanwhile, a private group only has to depend on itself.

Private packages offer the ultimate ski holiday.

Private groups really get to take advantage of the vastness of our tenure. For example, a 7-day package includes up to 7 hours of guaranteed fly time. To put that in perspective, that’s similar to flying from London to New York, which according to Google takes 6 hours and 55 minutes. You would have as much time to fly as someone flying across an ocean between continents.

Private groups can go to the outer reaches of our tenure, to valley’s where the mountains are nameless and no has ever skied. If you’re lucky, you might get a first descent and name a new run.


Our regular heliskiing packages start daily at 9 a.m. But not feeling it? Want to have another cappuccino with a waffle and start at 10 a.m.? No worries. Instead of skiing, perhaps you’d rather go exploring. One example could be the Iskut River Hot Springs, which are about a 15-minute chopper ride north of Bell 2 Lodge. The springs are located right on the banks of the Iskut River. There are no established trails or roads leading to it. You can only access it by floating down the river in a dingy (which is a tad unpleasant this time of year) or in a helicopter. Just imagine spending the morning skiing waist-deep powder and then the afternoon soaking away the aches and pains in a natural tub. Mmmmmm.

While regular heliskiing packages include a mountain top lunch of soup and sandwiches, private groups have the option of returning to the lodge for a mid-day meal for something like Alaskan King Club. I mean, Alaska is right next door after all. You might actually see it from your hotel window at Ripley Creek.

Your trip, your agenda

Have you ever skied with someone that you didn’t want to? Perhaps you just didn’t click. Don’t worry, it happens. With a private helicopter, you chose who you want to ski with. Some folks don’t go heliskiing because they’re afraid of holding up the group. Yes, it can be awkward being “the slow one” but with a private package, you can get rid of the young rippers. Or if you happen to be a group of fit skiers, a private group assures the freedom of moving at your own scorching hot pace.

This is your trip, your helicopter and your ultimate ski holiday. You get to decide what you want. Visit our trip builder to book your own private trip or give us a call at 1-888-655-5566, or at 1-250-558-7980 if you’re outside of North America.

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