Safety is number one. We've got the knowledge and we've got the gear.

Mountain Safety

The guides and snow safety team monitor the weather and snow conditions continuously. Terrain and snow stability are discussed every morning and evening. This information is pooled and shared across BC with other professionals. In spite of our best efforts, there are inherent risks and hazards associated with helicopter skiing that are beyond our control and that you must share with us. It is important to follow the directions of your guide at all times.

Our Guides

Our guides are chosen not only for their guiding skills and qualifications, but also for their enthusiastic and outgoing personalities. They are professional guides who have passed a series of comprehensive examinations to qualify them as members of the A.C.M.G. or the U.I.A.G.M., the recognized Canadian or International Mountain Guide Associations. They are experienced at balancing exciting and challenging skiing with the safety and enjoyment of the entire group. The guides participate in yearly refresher courses, both at Last Frontier Heliskiing and as part of their ongoing training as certified mountain and ski guides.


Helicopters and Pilots

Our guests enjoy the comfort and reliability of the A-Star B2 or B3 helicopters. Our pilots are chosen to meet the same high standards as our guides and have a wealth of experience flying in the mountains. An on-site team of engineers provides helicopter maintenance.


Continuous radio contact between the pilots, guides and the lodge ensures communication in the event of an emergency. There are always 2 radios in each group. The guides carry emergency equipment in their packs, additional equipment is carried in the helicopters and there are several rescue caches within our ski area. The closest hospital and an additional helicopter base is located within 30-40 mins flying time.

Avalanche Transceiver Interference

Within close proximity, GoPro cameras, electric gloves, cellular phones and metal objects can seriously interfere with the transmit and receive functions of your avalanche transceiver. In the event of an avalanche, if a phone or similar device is not turned OFF it will interfere with a search beacon. We recommend that all cell phones are turned off while skiing. For your own safety, please review Last Frontier Heliskiing’s electronic equipment policies. [here]

Touring Boots

Otherwise known as “AT” – Alpine Touring boots.

It has come to light recently that AT boots may not release properly in alpine bindings. AT boots typically have a rubberised sole and rocker in the boot that makes walking easier. It is this rubberised sole and the rocker that may impede the release of the binding in a fall.

Recent tests have shown that all makes and models of AT boots when function tested in alpine skiing bindings repeatedly fail function tests. Results have shown that there is a much higher risk of lower leg injury due to the impeded or slower release of the bindings.

At this time there is no alpine binding that is adequately compatible with an AT boot.

When choosing equipment to come heliskiing, Last Frontier Heliskiing recommends using only Alpine ski boots when using the skis provided by us. In addition, we recommend that Alpine Touring Pin bindings such as the Dynafit, G3 Ion, Marker Kingpin etc. are not used in a heliski environment. These bindings are suspected of being a contributing factor in recent lower leg injuries

Guests who still wish to use their own equipment will be required to sign an additional release of liability before skiing. Before your visit, please review the waiver [here].

ABS Airbags

When skiing or riding, each guest is required to wear a safety ABS Airbag backpack containing essential rescue items including a shovel and probe. Training is provided for the use of the ABS airbag system and rescue equipment. The ABS airbag is a small backpack which contains two large inflatable bags. By pulling a handle, the pouches are filled with air and deployed from the side of the pack. The system is designed to minimize the risk of burial if involved in an avalanche.

In addition to the ABS Airbags, one guest in each group carries a spare radio. Since the radio must remain at the back of the group at all times, it is rotated amongst the group members throughout the day.

Avalanche Transceivers (Beacon)

All guests will be provided with and trained in the use of the Mammut Element transceiver. Simple, reliable and easy to use - even for the uninitiated. While prior knowledge of how to use a transceiver is encouraged, it is not mandatory.

Skis & Snowboards

A good selection of skis and limited number of snowboards are provided at the lodge. You are welcome to bring your own.

Rossignol Super 7 HD (Bell 2 Lodge & Ripley Creek)

The most celebrated powder ski in the world, the 100% redesigned, all-new SUPER 7 HD continues to make powder skiing easier, more natural, and more fun. Featuring our all-new Air Tip 2.0 and Carbon Alloy Matrix technologies, at 116mm underfoot, the SUPER 7 HD supplies effortless floatation and instant speed control for unrivaled big-mountain performance in the deepest snow conditions.

Rossignol skis
Ski Stats Features
Dimensions: 172/180/188 Paulownia Wood Core
Tip/Waist/Tail Dimensions: 140/116/130 Carbon Alloy Matrix Air Tip
Ski Radius: 20M @ 188cm  

Rossignol Soul 7 HD (Bell 2 Lodge & Ripley Creek)

The most innovative, popular, and playful freeride ski in the world, the all-new SOUL 7 HD has been 100% redesigned for even more instinctive versatility and progressive freeride performance. Featuring all-new Air Tip 2.0 and Carbon Alloy Matrix technologies, at 106mm underfoot the all-new SOUL 7 HD is lighter, and more powerful, with the uncompromising versatility to go wherever the snow takes you.

Rossignol skis
Ski Stats Features
Dimension: 164 Paulownia Wood Core
Tip/Waist/Tail Dimensions: 136/106/126 Carbon Alloy Matrix Air Tip
Ski Radius: 18M @ 188cm  

Salomon Rocker2 122 (Only at Bell 2 Lodge)

Your deep powder tool. A full Twin Rocker profile and 122mm waist provides maximum floatation with a playful, surfy feel, while the low camber under foot gives edge grip and stability to make getting back to the heli fun, not freightening.

Salomon skis
Ski Stats Features
Dimensions: 144/122/134 Edge Free Extremities
Rocker2 sizes: 180,184,192 Wide Edges
Rocker2 radius: 26M@192cm Carve Zone
Rocker2 core: Full wood core Edgy monocoque

Salomon QST 118 (Only at Ripley Creek)

Charge in powder with Twin Rocker agility enabling more drift and float in the deepest powder.

Salomon skis
Ski Stats Features
QST 118 sizes: 171/178/185/192 Titanium Reinforcement
QST 118 radius: 26M@185cm ABS sidewall construction
QST 118 core: Interanally milled Woodcore Honeycomb/Kiroyd Tail


A limited number of snowboards are available at the lodge. Please contact our office for details.

Rossignol Angus

A fresh, premium cut of Rossignol snowboard innovation, the new ANGUS delivers surfy, next-generation freeride performance perfect for powder or all-mountain riding. RadCut sidecut technology and a 2° base bevel allows the ANGUS to move smoothly from edge-to-edge with a playful, relaxed feel in powder. Serrated Edges ensure confident grip on hardpack, while AmpTek injects explosive power and pop.

Salomon skis
Board Stats Features
Size: 154 & 156 RadCut SideCut Technology
Core: Wood C/K+S 0 Tips 2° Base Bevel
Flex Rate: Twin All Mountain  

Salomon Sick Stick Snowboard

The Sick Stick is what Salomon calls a tapered twin, which sounds like an oxymoron, but it's actually an apt description, as the board is centered between the contact points for switch prowess in deep snow.

Salomon skis
Board Stats Features
Dimensions: 160 & 163 Lightweight, poppy core
Flex: Medium ABC construction uses bamboo and cork
Profile: Cross Profile (camber underfoot, rockered tip & tall) Sintered base

Salomon Derby

Off the races Spawn of the beloved Pow Snake, this powder hound escaped and created its own snake den. Featuring Pow Rocker, Popster, and Aspen Strong Core, the Derby defies the rules of gravity. Inspired by deep days in Japanese powder, the Derby has an exaggerated nose for maximum flotation and the 147 and 151 sizes feature Rocket Science in a mid-wide shape with a stiff tail for capability to snap turns on a dime.

Salomon snowboard
Board Stats Features
Dimensions: 295/260/289 Flat out rocker
Derby sizes: 163,166 All-mountain edge bevel
Sidecut radius: 10.8M@166cm Carve Zone
Tapered directional Aspen Strong

Salomon Assassin

One board to rule them all Wolle Nyvelt and Taka Nakai take no prisoners with the Assassin strapped to their feet. A cross between our most progressive powder and freestyle board constructions, featuring ABC Green Roll, EQ Rad, Rock Out Camber, and Popster Booster, in one ride-anything package. The Assassin is built with an arsenal of technology for destruction of anything in its path.

Salomon snowboard
Board Stats Features
Dimension: 160 True twin
Rock out camber
Royal cord rails
Aspen SLCT

Salomon Man's

Eye of the tiger Not for the weak hearted, the Mans Board is MANufactured with ABC Green Roll construction, a Ghost Green core, Cross Profile and is forged with a quadratic sidecut for turning on a dime. It’s what Bode Merrill uses to go straight, go fast and go hard from the summit to the lodge for après-ski cosmos.

Salomon snowboard
Board Stats Features
Dimensions: 303/261/303 Directional twin
Man's sizes: 162,165 Cross profile
Sidecut radius: 9.3M@165cm Sintered EG
Tapered directional Ghost green core

Prior Khyber

The Khyber has been the long running ride of choice amongst the local Whistler community on those deep, coastal days! Its drastic tail taper allows this directional shape to truly excel in the deepest of conditions; with 25mm of taper in the tail, the back end sinks to relieve back end pressure and leg burn. Combined with a large shovel, the Khyber creates ample float and provides a really surf inspired ride.

prior khyber snowboard
Board Stats Features
Dimensions: 322/260/292 Hybrid rocker design
Khyber sizes: 156, 160, 165 Triglass construction
Sidecut radius: 8.5M@165cm UHMW sidewalls
Hardwood maple stringers Carbon stringers

Ski Boots / Snowboard Boots

Ski and Snowboard boots are not available at the lodge and we recommend that you carry your boots as hand luggage on your flight to ensure they arrive with you.


Some airlines request that you pre-book sports equipment before travel, please check with your airline.

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