A Skier’s Journey – The Final Season

October 18, 2016 D'Arcy McLeish

As skiers, all of us are on a journey. On the surface, it’s the search for deep, untracked snow. But if you dig a little deeper, skiing becomes a way to move through the terrain of life, seeking out the hard to reach places in the world and within ourselves. How skiers move down a snow-covered slope, with gravity pushing them along, is a tool to navigate the daily struggle of existence.

Episode 2, season 1. 

Ski films have come a long way in the last fifty years, but like many skiers out there, I’ve noticed something’s been lost of late. Seeing athletes push the bounds is great, but skiing isn’t about the deepest snow or the burliest line. Skiing is the journey, be it on a remote peak or a lit-up groomer at your local hill. Nothing else in life lets us feel the world move around us. Nothing else captures why we get up every day and struggle through the daily routine.

Episode 1, The Final Season

Starting this month, A Skier’s Journey, a multi year project featuring outdoor photographer and filmmaker Jordan Manley and skier Chad Sayers, will premiere it’s fourth and final season. This series of short films is about the road all of us, from beginner to seasoned big mountain pro, travel as we ski our way through life. It’s visually stunning, sure, and filmed in some of the more exotic ski locales around the world. Places like Kashmir, the mountains of Iran, La Grave, France and Northern BC. But more than the fanfare, this series is the best example of what skiing means to those of us that live our lives on snow. It’s not about perfect lines and waist deep turns. Those are just a bonus. These films are about skiing and the people around the world, like you and me, who have chosen to pursue something that cuts to the heart why we live; sliding down snow-covered slopes.

Episode 1, Season 2

Presented by Arc’teryx and Gore-Tex, A Skier’s Journey is one of the best visual pieces about skiing released in a long time. So go make yourself a warm beverage, curl up by the fire with your media device, your hound and a good pair of headphones and enjoy.

All seasons can be watched at www.askiersjourney.com. Stay tuned for the last episodes of the final season.

Be safe, ski hard.