How to Pack for Your Ski Vacation at Last Frontier

August 13, 2014 Katie Burrell

If you’ve never been on a ski vacation at Last Frontier Heliskiing, then you are facing a few points of adversity in your life:

1. That you have never skied with us (it’s heaven). 

2. That you don’t know what to pack. 

Our Tech Room. Photo: Steve Rosset
Our tech room. Photo: Steve Rosset

We want to ameliorate both of these tough points and set you up for success on the dream vacation of your life, as well as help you to be prepared for it. So, pack the following: 

Ski Boots: Perhaps obvious, but important to highlight nonetheless. You have got to ski with your own boots. It’s imperative. Your feet are special, and you will have undoubtedly coaxed those boots into being the perfect fit for your feet. Don’t go messing around with that right before your big trip and end up in boots that slip and slide and rub and pinch (ski boots being the only boots that are capable of doing all of those things simultaneously). We recommend that you carry said boots on the airplane with you (if you’re flying), because in the case of lost luggage, we have enough gear at our lodges that we can get everything else together for you.

Your Boots At Home In Our Skis! Photo: Steve Rosset
Your boots at home in our skis! Photo: Steve Rosset

Bathing Suit: There is a hot tub! And a sauna! And snow for you to run and jump into! Trust us, even though you’re coming to the great white north, you’re going to want your suit. This is a vacation, and you’ll want to relax. We’re remote, but not quite a nudist colony.

Our Little Colony. Photo: Steve Rosset
Our little colony. Photo: Steve Rosset

A Good Attitude! You’re definitely going to want to pack this for your trip, but to be honest, it will be pretty hard to forget. Once you’re surrounded by the spirit of all the wonderful people here at our lodges, you’ll be floating through new friendships and laughter. However, every once in a while, in waist-deep snow, your ski will pop off and you will be a little bit stuck. This is when A Good Attitude will come in handy: stay calm, have a laugh, and don’t wriggle too much to get yourself back upright.

Gettin' It! Photo: Dave Silver
Gettin’ it! Photo: Dave Silver

All of your ski gear: remember your mitts, goggles, helmets, under layers, ski socks, ski suit and toques (Canadian for warm hats). If you forget any of these things (which is easy to do) we have a well-stocked gear shop where you can fill in any holes that you may have overlooked when making your packing list.


Playing In The Pillows! Photo: Dave Silver
Playing in the pillows! Photo: Dave Silver

Unless you really want to bring your own, don’t pack skis! We have an awesome fleet of deep powder skis up here, ready for you to catapult into becoming the big line pow shredder that you’ve always been in your heart.