New Bar & Entertainment Area – Bell 2 Lodge

With just a few days to go in our 22nd heliski season, we thought it was time to share a few details and photos of our new bar and entertainment area at Bell 2 Lodge. If you did not have a chance to visit us this past winter, we hope you can experience the totally revamped space on your next visit.

Revised Bell 2 Lodge Bar Space With Rustic Design Elements.
Revised Bell 2 Lodge bar space with rustic design elements. | Photo: Steve Rosset

Over the past few years we have been working hard to enhance all aspects of our operation. Some of these investments have been tangible to our guests like common area lodge renovations, while others such as maintenance have been less visible.

Wrap-Around Bar Is At The Center Of The Action At Bell 2 Lodge.
Wrap-around bar is at the center of the action at Bell 2 Lodge. | Photo: Steve Rosset

In 2014, we undertook a complete renovation of our Bell 2 Lodge dining room, lobby and gift shop areas. Then in 2015 we installed a new bar space at our Ripley Creek operation in Stewart. Late last year we put the finishing touches on our brand new entertainment area at Bell 2 Lodge. This change, along with the switch to groups of 4 for our 2017 heliski season [previously we skied in groups of 5], has made big difference in how people experience their Last Frontier holiday.

Après-Ski Snacks Are Never Far Away.
Après-ski snacks are never far away. | Photo: Steve Rosset

Our goal has been to focus on common areas that are enjoyed by all of our guests. The completely new bar and entertainment areas have been well received by those that visited this season.

Pool Is A Guest Favorite At Bell 2 Lodge
Pool is a guest favorite at Bell 2 Lodge. | Photo: Geoff Holman

A wrap-around bar provides more seating and invites social interaction amongst guests and crew members. Warm lighting and rustic design touches add a sense of place.

Rustic Design Elements And Warm Lighting Make For A Comfy Atmosphere.
Rustic design elements and warm lighting make for a comfy atmosphere. | Photo: Geoff Holman

For the first time, we are offering beer on tap from local brewery Sherwood Mountain Brewhouse in Terrace, BC. With the micro-brew beer revolution sweeping throughout British Columbia, we wanted to bring some local flavor to our guests visiting from abroad. There is also an environmental benefit to the keg system, as it cuts down on the number of bottles that are transported to and from Bell 2 Lodge.

Our Crew Is Always Up For A Good Time.
Our crew is always up for a good time. | Photo: Geoff Holman

In addition to the new bar, we have made a purpose built media room where ski films and heliski photo slideshows/videos can be viewed in a dedicated space. From time to time you’ll also catch some of our crew playing various instruments there.

A Separate Media Room Is A Great Place To Share Video Clips And Photos On The Big Screen
A separate media room is a great place to share video clips and photos on the big screen. | Photo: Steve Rosset

Lastly, our old games room has been re-built. Old favorites such as pool, Foosball and darts have made a comeback.

Foosball. | Photo: Geoff Holman

We look forward to your next visit so you can enjoy the space yourself. If you have any tentative plans to visit us in our 2018 heliski season starting in mid-December, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Overview Of The New Games Area.
Overview of the new games area. | Photo: Steve Rosset