News from the North – September 2020

September 25, 2020 Mike Watling

From the North…

While the first flakes are falling on our mountain peaks and the leaves begin to turn, we are making the most of the last days of summer. Hard work and hard play.

We have no shame in repeating the good news from our last 2 newsletters: with the increase in mining exploration Bell 2 Lodge has been operating at full capacity. Occupancy until the end of October remains the same and then at a slightly reduced rate, right through until Christmas. Needless to say, all extremely helpful.

The exterior logs and wood on the main lodge have been completely refurbished and the crew have started on all the chalets. The race is now on before the temperature drops too much, preventing efficient staining. The storage shed has been extended to provide winter cover for all our vehicles and equipment. New stairs and railings to all the chalets are on the list for this coming month…6 construction / renovation crew on site for the next 3 months will bring some big improvements. See photos towards the end of this post.

A quick flight through our terrain always reveals some breathtaking vistas….

The Plan for Winter

Since the beginning of time September has always been the month for wild speculation about skiing conditions for the forthcoming winter. It is a new concept for us to have this same speculation percolate uncertainty into actual skiing operations.

Our approach to planning the winter thus far has revolved around two scenarios:

  1. a ‘Canadian Borders are Closed‘ scenario and
  2. a ‘Canadian Borders are Open’ scenario.

….There is of course a third scenario whereby the Government here in Canada locks everything down and nothing happens but for now that does seem unlikely… Which is why this is in smaller print.

Currently, the noise from the Canadian Government is that the borders will be closed until 22nd November [at the earliest]. In order to not give up just yet, to give us enough lead time to setup the season, and to give guests enough time to confirm (or cancel) travel, we will postpone our decision until the 30th November at the latest.

Next update in October…

Mike & Team.

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