The “Off Season” at Last Frontier Heliskiing

June 17, 2016 Liam Harrap

It’s strange to say that summer is our “off-season”. But it’s true. We all know that summer is “ok”, however obviously winter is better. Nonetheless we do the best with what’s given us. The season for heliskiing is unfortunately short, usually only running from December to April. So to fill the time until the ski waxing and powder shots begins again, Last Frontier Heliskiing staff usually have other jobs. Here’s a small snap shot of what some staff are doing this summer:

Unfortunately We Cannot Ski Through The Summer. Sigh. I Guess I'll Just Reminiscent...| Photo - Dave Silver
Unfortunately we cannot ski through the summer. Sigh. I guess I’ll just reminiscent…| Photo – Dave Silver

Originally from Germany, Lydia is one of the servers at Bell 2. Since the season ended, she’s been traveling around Canada, living out of her van “Chappy”. She’s seeing what Canada has to offer, driving throughout British Columbia/Alberta and just having the time of her life. Rock on Lydia!

| Photo - Adam Whittingham
Although she doesn’t have a conventional home at the moment, just the van, the view from her bedroom is better than most | Photo – Adam Whittingham
| Photo - Adam Whittingham
Life on the Road. No stress | Photo – Adam Whittingham
| Photo - Adam Whittingham
Sometimes they take a “vacation” from the van| Photo – Adam Whittingham

Some of our staff travel the world between seasons. Samaya, one of our massage therapists, is traveling and working in Bali. She works at a healing center called Pyramids of Chi. The Pyramids are designed for sound healing experiences to bring people to a state of relaxation, balance and rejuvenation. Sound therapy is an ancient way to help heal disease and illness. Needless to say, Sam loves Bali and is having the time of her life. Enjoy the sun Sam!

| Photo - Samaya Halliday
Beach, turquoise water, and sunshine. No wonder Sam just radiates pure happiness in this picture | Photo – Samaya Halliday
| Photo - Samaya Halliday
Just another day at the office for Sam | Photo – Samaya Halliday
| Photo - Samaya Halliday
The views ok I guess. If you’re into paradise- and-that-sort-of-thing| Photo – Samaya Halliday

Some of our guides just love their job so much that they keep guiding through the summer. Colin, the assistant Head of Operations at Ripley Creek in Stewart, owns and operates Squamish Rock Guides, near Vancouver. He gets to rock climb all summer. Lucky man!

| Photo - Colin Moorehead
Just an average day for Colin | Photo – Colin Moorehead

And myself? When I’m not a radio operator at Ripley Creek and writing blog posts for Last Frontier, I work for the Canadian Government as a biologist in Northern Alberta. Most of my days are spent measuring trees, counting shrubs, collecting moss, taking plant samples, trying not to down in swamps, and swatting mosquitoes. Days can be long, but I love it nonetheless.

| Photo - Liam Harrap
Sphagnum moss and I | Photo – Liam Harrap
| Photo - Liam Harrap
Taking some plant samples in the boreal forest  | Photo – Liam Harrap
| Photo - Kim House
The company I keep at the moment could be better. I’ll admit, there are some days I miss my office | Photo – Kim House

See the life of a ski bum isn’t too bad. We just go from season to season, loving every moment. I wouldn’t change a thing. Would you?