Headphones for Heli Skiing!

It is a well known fact that listening to music whilst taking part in sporting activities is not only hugely enjoyable but can motivate, boost enthusiasm and confidence, and even concentration. Heli skiing tree runs whilst listening to fast paced music can help you keep a rhythm and avoid hitting a tree. For longer descents on big open powder fields a more mellow type of music will fit better.

Having the right kind of headphones for skiing is pretty important as a lot of models won’t stand up to winter conditions or be comfortable whilst riding. Here are a few things to consider when looking for a pair of headphones for the mountain.


Cheap, badly made headphones will not survive long whilst skiing. Even the type of headphones supplied as standard with iPods will break if put under duress in the mountains. A well built pair will not only sound better but will last you a lot longer.


Headphones for skiing, or snowboarding, need not be ridiculously expensive. Expect to pay anywhere up to around 30 dollars for a suitable pair. Generally, the more expensive headphones you can afford to buy the better the sound quality and build. Be aware however that if you do choose to invest heavily in some headphones they may not be covered by the warranty if you take the on the hill.

Holiday Heliskiing
Last Frontier Heliskiing Tree Skiing, Photo by: Dave Silver

Easily Accessed Controls

There’s nothing more annoying than having to dig about in your pocket in cold conditions, taking on and off gloves, to change your music. Headphones with built in, in-line remote controls, make a good choice for those who like to easily change the music they’re listening to. Sony’s EX earbuds, whilst not being the most comfortable of headphones, have some great in-line controls allowing you to skip, play, pause and adjust volume levels all from a control located on the outer wire.


Different people find different types of headphones more comfortable than others. Whilst it is often a personal preference, some styles are just a lot comfier than others. When you try on a pair of headphones make sure you take the hat or helmet you normally wear to test the fit at the same time. JVC have some of the most comfortable headphones available on the market. Their air cushion models use silicon encasing that lends for a superb fit.
If you’re not a fan of the in-ear style buds then maybe look towards getting a hat with built in speakers. Once a novelty these are now pretty high-tech, and most importantly extremely comfortable to wear. Burton has a few different styles to choose from, and the American Eagle brand even has play and pause controls as well.

Sound Isolation

It also benefits to have a pair of headphones with decent sound isolation. There’s nothing worse than having to put up with someone else’s music blaring from their headphones on the chairlift or in the heli, and the same is true in reverse.

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