Queen of Storms, Zoya Lynch, Experiences “Better Weather” on Blackcomb Glacier

July 16, 2014 Katie Burrell

Photographer Zoya Lynch, Queen of Storms, Winner of the 2014 Deep Winter Challenge in Whistler, BC, went to summer camp this year. Specifically, Momentum on Blackcomb Glacier. And she has reported to us at Last Frontier Heliskiing that summer skiing on the glacier might actually be more fun than deep powder. We didn’t believe her, so we asked her to prove her case. This is what she sent us…

Looks Like A Decent Option. Photo: Zoya Lynch
Looks like a decent option. Photo: Zoya Lynch

Okay, we see what you’re trying to say, Zoya, but what about an overnight twenty centimetres of new snow, face shots, helicopters and flying through the air, pillow poppin’ endless pow? She responded with these…

Still Flying Through The Air...photo: Zoya Lynch
Still flying through the air…Photo: Zoya Lynch
More Air Time. Photo: Zoya
More air time. Photo: Zoya Lynch
Nothing Like Bumps Training To Keep The Legs In Shape. Photo: Zoya Lynch
Nothing like bumps training to keep the legs in shape. Photo: Zoya Lynch

Looks like you can still fly around in the air…make new friends…have a laugh…see beautiful scenery…and it’s not even winter. Zoya may have found the solution to summer. 

The Good Times Are Still Rolling. Photo: Zoya Lynch
The good times are still rolling. Photo: Zoya Lynch

We know a little about the dance party. While ours happen in deeper snow, here’s what the glacier dance offs look like.

Dance Party? Why Not. Photo: Zoya Lynch
Dance party? Why not. Photo: Zoya Lynch

So what’s going on up at Momentum Camp this summer? Kids from all over are coming in to get their year-round shred on. Coached by the top professionals in the biz, campers are immersed in the sport that they love the most without the intensity that winter competitions can bring. It’s summer, and after all, we’re skiers, so we take some time off too. We just do it a little bit differently than everybody else.

It Looks Like This! Working On The Tuck. Photo: Zoya Lynch
It looks like this! Working on the tuck. Photo: Zoya Lynch
Can't Beat The Sunset Session. Photo: Zoya Lynch
Can’t beat the sunset session. Photo: Zoya Lynch

Up at the Last Frontier lodges right now, it’s a different scene. We are renovating, glading and thinking/dreaming about next year’s program. If you are as well, but you need to slide around on the planks for a couple of days, the Blackcomb Glacier looks like the place to do it. Tell Zoya we sent you, she’s always good for a high five. Peep her blog here.