Why City Life Needs Heliskiing

November 25, 2016 Liam Harrap

Cities are a necessity. They are centers of industry, commerce and home to most of Canada. However, they can be exhausting, bland, and congested. Every once in awhile it’s important to leave the city and head to the mountains. City life needs heliskiing. It needs an escape. The following is a list of what city life may entail. If you identify with any of the points on this list, please book a vacation with Last Frontier Heliskiing. Immediately.

Best. Weekend. Ever | Photo – Liam Harrap

Let’s face it. City life can be boring. Especially when your excitement for the day is going to Wholefoods at noon for the unveiling of a new type of melon.

| Photo - Liam Harrap
The “mighty” Dunton Tower that presides over the Ottawa skyline | Photo – Liam Harrap

There are no mountains to climb. Only skyscrapers.

| Photo - Liam Harrap
That’s a new personal best! 13 floors in five minutes! Can’t wait to tell Facebook!| Photo – Liam Harrap

You spend your time running up stairs in “Dunton Tower”, trying to imagine you’re on a glacier clad coastal mountain. It’s just not the same.

| Photo - Liam Harrap
Liam on a casual Sunday stroll. A passerby called me a cartoon character. The nerve! | Photo – Laurens Put

You spend your time shopping. Even if you don’t buy anything useful. Even if you look like an idiot. Shopping is just what you do in the city.

| Photo - Liam Harrap
Whenever I see someone with a “Hungry Man” frozen dinner in their cart at the grocery store, I just want to give them a hug and say, “It gets better”. | Photo – Liam Harrap

You forget what real food tastes like. Only eating what comes frozen in a box. Sadly, it’s probably closer to cardboard than anything edible.

| Photo - Liam Harrap
Driving brings out the madness in everyone | Photo – Liam Harrap

You spend your life in traffic. Stressed out and frazzled, making your beard “pop-out”.

| Photo - Liam Harrap
Your always waiting in the city | Photo – Liam Harrap

Your life becomes centered around lineups. At the boutique, buffet, and bus stop. There are crowds everywhere. You cannot escape people.

| Photo - Liam Harrap
In some cities in Canada, Old Man Winter never arrives. Which is great if you’re into lawn bowling and pool parties. Not so if you’re a skier | Photo – Liam Harrap

Even at the height of winter, there isn’t enough snow to ski. And even if there was, it’s flat. Who actually chooses to ski flat ground?

| Photo - Liam Harrap
Omg. That guys is wear an Arcteryx! Omg. Omg. Omg. Please be my friend | Photo – Liam Harrap

You try to find outdoorsy folk. Even introducing yourself to people that wear Arcteryx jackets in the library. Hoping they’ll be your friend.

| Photo - Sandra Lyding
Did I miss a spot? | Photo – Sandra Lyding

Your roommate has no other interests than shaving. They do little else, but shave and shave and shave. Making conversation exceedingly difficult. It can be hard to find people with similar interests.

If any of the above statements describe your life, get out of the city. Fast. You need to go heliskiing to experience the following:

| Photo - Randy Lincks
An endless wilderness in northern British Columbia | Photo – Randy Lincks

Come see what real mountains looks like. No need to run up skyscrapers. Post something that’s actually Facebook worthy.

| Photo - Dave Silver
With an average snow pack of over 400 cm, lack of snow isn’t a problem | Photo – Dave Silver

Experience real winter and snow up to your nostrils. Do something exciting to tell your friends. Here, there are no line-ups or traffic. Ski your own tracks.

| Photo - Geoff Holman
Try food that tells a story. A love story. You’ll want seconds | Photo – Geoff Holman

Taste real food again. Pan-fried duck with a maple red wine demi-glaze, served with puree cauliflower, pickled pumpkin seeds, and banana fingling potatoes. You’ll never go back to eating cardboard.

| Photo - Liam Harrap
You don’t get a view like this in the city | Photo – Liam Harrap

Explore. Escape drudgery and meet interesting people that do other things than just shaving and shopping. If you feel bored or lack spice in your life – try Last Frontier Heliskiing. But we advise caution. You may love it so much that you’ll never return to your city life. Pack an extra pair of underwear, just in case you decide to stay.