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Self Rescue in the Backcountry

I love skiing in the backcountry. Touring, helidrops, slack country laps off the ski area boundary…all offer us a chance to get out into the mountain environment and play. Nothing, however, is without risk. Even when we take steps to … Continue reading

Heliskiing: The Best Way to See the Mountains

To see the mountains up close can be one of the most breathtaking, jaw-dropping, heart-string-pulling events of life. Although they are beautiful in their own right; terrain features like creeks, lakes and valleys just don’t have that same majesty that … Continue reading

Guide’s Training: Snow, Safety and Strategy

Sure, it’s a saying, but it’s true: a guide’s work is never done. In the summer, they keep their fitness strong with rock climbing, mountain biking and hiking, and as soon as that first snowflake falls, they are in the … Continue reading

Singles’ Line Culture

Fresh snow is best experienced cold and alone. No waiting for friends to show up, no farting about and no debates on where to ski. Heliskiing notwithstanding, when there’s three feet of fresh, I almost always run solo. On those … Continue reading

The Top Five Heliskiing Experiences

There are so many types of skiing: powder, park, pipe, urban, racing…the list goes on. All of them pump you full of adrenaline and allow you to explore new places from a different perspective. But heliskiing is on another level. … Continue reading

How Much Snow?

25 Metres. That’s how much. It’s early December and while the only skiing on offer on the south coast of BC is of the man-made variety in frigid Arctic temps, the north coast of BC has been getting stormed on since … Continue reading

Three Things to Consider When Booking

A heliskiing vacation isn’t an all-inclusive beach vacation in Mexico. It’s a little more involved. Therefore, coming into it blind isn’t going to set you up for success. Ask yourself exactly which time of year that you want to ski: … Continue reading

Why a Week Long Destination Heliskiing Vacation?

You’re busy, you’ve got a lot on the go, you’ve worked hard to get where you are in life, and it’s tricky to step back from it every once and a while. There is always something to do; always something … Continue reading

Snow and Weather on the Last Frontier

Weather reports in Whistler this week have gone from bad to worse. Much as I would like it to be otherwise, there ain’t much snow up there. We were supposed to get a fair amount over the weekend, but even … Continue reading

Listen and Learn While Heliskiing

Music is an integral part of life; a song can move us, awaken us, invigorate us and transport us back in time. It can excite us and provide a soundtrack to daily life…but it can also distract us from the … Continue reading

November 2013 Heli Skiing News

November News We are now less than a month from the official season start on December 19th. This month we have a few updates to share with you including Jake Blauvelt’s trip to Last Frontier, updates from our heliski blog … Continue reading

My First Day on the Hill

After a long and beautiful summer, the lifts are finally spinning for skiers. It’s always happy times in Whistler the first week the hill opens. The new crop of ski bums are in town, the lifties strut around in their … Continue reading

Superhuman Prep: How Guides Get Ready for Winter

All mountain and/or ski guides have a different process to prepare for the heliskiing season. Whether it is mental, physical or spiritual, these guides have their relationships with the mountains dialled. Jamie Whiteside, Assistant Operations Manager at Last Frontier Heliskiing, … Continue reading

It’s A Pilot’s Life For Me

Bottom line: without a helicopter, there is still skiing. But without a good – really good – helicopter pilot, there is no heliskiing. That’s why we have guys like Joel Valentine from Access Helicopters fly our machines.

Top Ten Ways to Deal with November

November: rain, darkness and that weird transition from the last remnants of summer sports to the dominance of winter and its one sport. I always find it a tough month. The switch to Daylight Savings Time (a ridiculous switch), which … Continue reading